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Ian Bagley

A relatively new member of the Society, Ian is a keen railway enthusiast

Andrew Evans

I achieved my LRPS in 2012 and run photography workshops through my company f22images.

Whilst I’d describe myself as a generalist, my favourite subjects are urban night shots and have a personal interest in historic aircraft.

I’m also a balloon pilot and take aerial shots when the opportunity occurs.

Ken Davis

One of our long serving members, Ken runs our Film Group.

Although well versed in digital photography he still enjoys using film in his vast array of film cameras.

Ken is an avid poster on Flickr and enjoys documenting the changing face of the world around him.

Ken's Wanderings

© All images are also copyright to the photographer, please contact via email if you are interested in using any photographs

Christine Aldred

Christine's Flickr Photostream

Gary Clarke

Gary has developed a strong interest in traditional B&W film photography and has produced some excellent social documentary work.

Gary's Flickr Photostream Christine Thumbnail

Peter Davison

Peter enjoys travelling now that he is retired and likes to record his travels.

Paul Heaton

My photographs generally come out of my hiking activities and are mostly landscape.

I have for some time dabbled in producing videos.  Mostly these are a record of my hikes and include a mixture of stills and motion pictures and are shared on youtube.  Photoart is a media that I occasionally dip into. I have one DSLR but generally for convenience use a bridge or compact camera.

Paul's Flickr Photostream Peter's Flickr Photostream

Martin Mosley

Landscapes, cars and cats feature quite heavily in Martin's photography.

Martin's Flickr Photostream

Chris Mellows

Chris is a keen traveller and likes to document the people as well as the places when he is travelling.

Chris's Flickr Photostream


Many of our members post their images to the Fickr website (a sort of Facebook for enthusiast photographers). Some have their own websites.

Some have photography related blogs.


The list below provides easy links into these various showcases of our members' photography.

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MellowsC - Gallery profile

Tim Ramsay

Now retired and able to rekindle his interest in photography from earlier days - Tim's interests are predominately scapes and architecture, which he pursues through travel.

Tim's Flickr Photostream RamsayT - Gallery Profile Roger's Flickr Photostream

Roger Barnes

Roger is our longest serving member and has a lifetime of experience photographing nature in general and butterflies in particular.

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