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We have a number of active Special Interest Groups covering the following:



Film Group - some members are still using both black and white and colour slide film.  The group meets monthly, discusses members' latest work, views slide shows and black and white prints.

There is much that traditional methods can do to help develop a photographer and all members are willing to 'dip into' this group's work.


Audio Visual Group - this group helps members create their own individual AV shows and also works on group projects.  We have created a comprehensive AV about Chesterfield Market that has been presented to the Town.



See the information below for details of the Groups' meetings

Date of Next AV Group Meeting



ST. IVES - from a B&W Negative and print by Gary Clarke

BARCELONA - from a slide by Ken Davis

Date of Next Film Group Meeting



Here are the members of the film group at their meeting, Gary's got a couple of film cameras in his hand and the twin projectors show the main way we view our work.

Although this was taken on a digital camera it was on a Leica M9 which is the closest you'll get to a film based camera in the digital world.

© All images are copyright to the photographer, please contact via email if you are interested in using any photographs

Film Group ClarkeG - St Ives DavisK - Barcelona